Upper and lower Chardonnay sections of the Vail Lake RV Resort are very popular most summer weekends because of their great views, grassy areas for recreation and wildlife viewing most mornings and evenings (rabbits, deer and the occasional bobcat). But during the week, site 52 (30 amp power, water and sewer) and the surrounding sites on Chardonnay Mesa take on a quieter, more relaxed feel. Views to the south look straight up the northernmost face of Palomar Mountain and the Cleveland National Forest. To the south you can make out the Vail fire roads and singletrack mountain bike trails. And if you get to the right spot, you see the Gooseneck Bay section of Vail Lake to the northeast.  Family, fun and lots of new friends are always part of the Vail Lake RV Resort experience. But if you get away during the week … you might just get a glimpse of the more relaxed and natural side of the old Vail Cattle Ranch property that is now known as Chardonnay Mesa.