Vail Lake Resort Special Events in 2018:

DateEvent Description
January 27th Saturday & January 28th Sunday12 Hours of Temecula/ SoCal Enduro
March 3rd Saturday & 4th Sunday US Cup
March 10th Saturday & March 11th SundayHigh School Mtn. Bike Race #1
April 14th Saturday & April 15th Sunday High School Mtn. Bike Race # 2
March 30th Friday - April 1st Sunday *Vail Lake Resort’s Easter Weekend
May 4th Friday & May 5th Saturday CA Homebrewers (Private Event)
May 12th Saturday - May 13th SundaySoCal Endurance / SoCal Enduro
May 25th Friday - May 28th Monday *Vail Lake Resort’s Memorial Day Weekend
June 2nd Saturday SoCal Wine Country Woman’s Half Marathon & 5K
July 5th Thursday - Sunday July 8th *Vail Lake Resort’s 4th of July Weekend
August 31st Friday - September 3rd Monday*Vail Lake Resort's Labor Day Weekend
September 22nd Saturday & September 23rd Sunday SoCal Endurance
October 5th Friday & October 6th Saturday Vail Lake Resort’s Halloween Weekend #1
October 12th Friday & October 13th Saturday *Vail Lake Resort'’s Halloween Weekend #2
October 19th Friday & October 20th Saturday *Vail Lake Resort’'s Halloween Weekend #3
October 26th Friday & October 27th SaturdayVail Lake Resort’s Halloween Weekend #4
November 4th Saturday & November 5th Sunday 8 hours of Temecula Mtn. Bike Race & SoCal Enduro
November 22nd Thursday - Saturday November 24th*Vail Lake Thanksgiving Day Weekend
December 30th Sunday & December 31st Monday*New Year’s Eve Celebration 2018/2019

To have an event at Vail Lake Resort, please call (951) 303-0173 or visit our events page.